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Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Motherhood Blog

Do you ever find yourself feeling extremely drained from doing everything for everyone else? An entire day has gone by, and you didn't get to do one thing for yourself. Everyone around you needs something, and being MOM, well, a lot of it is on you! Or so you feel.

I have come to realize that making yourself number one is extremely important. Putting yourself at the top of your priority list every single day should be a requirement. As a mom, you have many hats to wear; and to be able to get it all done, you must be at your best! Your daily self-care, good health, and happiness have got to be number one. I know its easier said than done, but if you make an effort to at least try, then its a start! Isn't it?

For me, having two children at home can make it difficult to put myself first. After having my second child, especially. It was almost as if I was a first-time mom all over again because I had waited fifteen years to have another baby. I remember when I brought home baby #2. I did not think about anything other than him and my older son's needs that I forgot to care for myself. I remember thinking I was doing the right thing at the time. I thought I was a great mom, putting them first and putting me, well sort of on the back burner.

That ended up not being the case. Because by being so focused on my boys, I let myself fall apart. I hardly slept, I would drink cold coffee for breakfast, eat soggy cereal, shower whenever I could fit it in. I was feeling pretty gross, miserable, and not happy with myself at all. Plus having had a C-section, I was uncomfortable and, it did not help matters.

Looking back on that now makes me feel awful. I thought I was doing my best and trying to be a good mom to my children. But I was doing just the opposite and doing everyone around me wrong by not making myself a priority. And if mom is not happy, it makes for an unhappy household. We need to try to be at our best whenever possible for ourselves and everyone around us.

What is the first thing you do each day for yourself?

I have completely switched up my routine. I know it is not always easy when we have little ones at home; their needs are very important and must be tended to right away sometimes.

But think about it, if you get up an extra 30-45 minutes earlier than usual, you give yourself some time to do whatever you need to do. Eat, have some hot coffee, shower, do your hair, makeup, get dressed for the day. Once you are all ready and feeling great, you can then take on whatever comes your way. Once the kid's wakeup, you can then focus on their needs and not have to worry about yours because you already took care of you!

It can go for daytime and night time as well. Try to get the children to nap during the day, so you get a couple of hours for you. And same for night time, if you can get them to sleep at a decent time, that will give you time to relax, watch a favorite show, or have time for you and your significant other.

As a woman and a mom, feeling good is essential. Don't forget to make yourself a priority every single day. Once you start doing that, you will see a difference, I certainly did.

Here are some changes I noticed in myself:

-I felt less tired.

-I had more energy.

-I had less stress and anxiety.

-I was able to be a better mom.

-I was happier, less irritable.

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